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Livestock Research & Development Station Surezai, Peshawar


?  Livestock Research & Development Station Surezai, Peshawar is located in the Mira surezai at a distance of 35 km in the south west of Peshawar city.

?  It was established with the financial assistance of Dutch Government in 1978-79.

?  In 1986 it was merged with NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar (now, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar) under the USAID Project Transformation and Integration of Agricultural Network (TIPAN).

?  In 2003 it was demerged from Agricultural University Peshawar and now working under the administrative control of the Directorate of Livestock Research & Development, Khyber Pakhtukhwa, Peshawar.



?  Conduct research on various aspects of Animal Production, Breeding, Management, Dairy Technology and Animal Health.

?  Carrying out research on various aspects of Animal Nutrition, Fodder and forages.

?  Provision of practical training to the organizations, professionals and livestock farmers.

?  Transfer of research finding, technologies and packages to professionals/ farmers.

?  Provision of economical and balanced feed (Shandar Vanda, Urea Molasses Blocks, Calf Starter Ration) on subsidized rates to the livestock farmers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



·         Awareness and poverty alleviation through training, provision of advisory services as well as diagnostic facilities against various diseases of livestock to local farmers

·         Capacity building of researchers through provision of trainings and facilities for quality animal research to M.Phil and Ph.D students of various institutions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

·         Development and transfer to technology packages to livestock farmers


Animal Breeding Program:

?  In late 1980, research was conducted by crossing Holstein Friesian with indigenous cattle (Sahiwal) for their Genetic improvement, as a result crossbred animals were developed with high milk production than Sahiwal and having more disease resistant than Friesian cattle, which is available in the farm vicinity and throughout the province.

         In 2012, new breeding research program of crossing Jersey with indigenous Achai cattle was started with the objectives to genetically improve the productivity of native Achai cattle through selection and cross breeding with Jersey cattle.

?  Achai cattle being native breed of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having low milk production (2.8litr/day) but famous for high resistance to various fatal diseases, high fertility and good milk fat percentage etc., so for better genetic exploitation, this breed has been selected for crossing with Jersey cattle.

?  Under this breeding program, F1 & F2 progeny has been collected and further data collection is in progress and results are more than satisfactory.


Cattle Feed Mill

  • To provide economical and balanced feed to livestock farmers, research trials are conducted by making various ration formulation in feed mill.


  • Research product in the name of “Shandar Vanda & Urea Molasses Block” are produced & sale to the public & private sector on demand basis, having impact on animal health & productivity.


  • Moreover, different compound feed are prepared for different class of animals.


Fodder & Forages Section

?  Conduct research on production & Development of various Green fodder varieties such as Berseem, Oats, Barley, Mustard, Lucerne, Rye grass, Triticale, Maize, Sorghum, Sadabahar, Millet, Cowpea, Mungbean, Mott etc.



  1. Research conducted on Animal Reproduction/Breeding:

?  Productive and Reproductive performance of Achai Cattle at LR&DS Surezai, Peshawar.

?  Phenotypic & Morphometric characteristics of Achai cattle maintained at LR&DS Surezai Peshawar.

?  Comparative study of birth weight, weaning weight and growth rate of Achai & Jersey-Achai cross bred calves at LR&DS Surezai, Peshawar.

?  Effect of calving season and sex of the calves on birth weight of jersey-sired calves from Achai dams at LR&DS Surezai Peshawar.

?  Effect of sexed semen on the conception rate of Achai cattle at LR&DS Surezai, Peshawar.

?  Effect of exogenous hormones on ovulation synchronization and conception rate of Achai cattle at LR&DS Surezai, Peshawar.


B. Research on Animal Production:

?  Effect of Cotton seed cake on crossbred cattle milk yield and composition at LR &DS Surezai Peshawar.

?  Effect of graded level of molasses in concentrate supplement on H.F cross bred cattle milk yield & milk composition, body weight and feed intake at LR &DS Surezai Peshawar .

?  Growth rate of various indigenous bovine breed fed on Shandar Vanda at Livestock Research & Development Station Surezai Peshawar.

?  Effect of supplementing different levels of mustard seed cake on milk yield and milk composition of Achai cattle.

?  Effect of Maize oil cake on milk yield and milk composition of Achai cattle.

?  Study of chemical analysis of raw milk of Achai cattle.

?  Effect of Breeds and Feeding on Milk Composition and Blood Metabolites in Cows.

?  Fattening of Calves at  Farmers  Levels in the Surrounding of LR&DS Surezai Peshawar

?  Changes in Milk Fat Percentage with Advancement in Pregnancy and Lactation.


C. Research on Animal Health:

?  Prevalence, isolation and Antibiogram of mastitis causing microbes in Achai cows at LR&DS Surezai, Peshawar

?  Prevalence and therapeutic measures of postpartum uterine diseases in Achai cattle.

?  Effect of somatic cell count on milk hygiene and milking method in dairy cattle.

?  Molecular characterization from field isolates of different disease species prevalent in buffalo, cattle, sheep, goat and poultry in Surezai region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

?  Diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in bovine Using conventional methods and Electronic detector.

?  Drinking water affects heavy metals profiles of milk produced in peri urban dairy farms in Peshawar.

?  Effect of commercially available milk replacer on calves performance


D. Research conducted on Fodder & Forages:

?  Intercropping winter cereals with winter legumes for nutritive quality and high forage production

?  Forage yield, nutritive value and re-growth after cutting in triticale sown on various sowing dates

?  Adoptability trial of forage oat from National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) Islamabad.

?  Impact of sowing methods, Farmyard manure and   Nitrogen on the performance of Sadabahar under saline condition.

?  Performance of clovers under different planting method and sowing dates.

?  Adoptability trials of sorghum Sudan gross hybrids at Surezai Peshawar.

?  Effect of different nitrogen levels and cutting stages on crude protein, crude fiber, dry matter and green fodder yield of oat.

?  Enhancing nutritive value and green fodder productivity of fodder oat through Integrated use of organic and in-organic fertilizer.

?  Effect of different osmopriming sources & levels on germination & root length of sorghum.


·         Diagnostic facilities for screening against tick-borne diseases and endo-parasites to local farmers



·         One (01) ADP project entitled “Study on the cause of calf mortality and measures to reduce losses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” is in progress.


  • Research product in the name of “Shandar Vanda” &” Urea Molasses Blocks” are produced & sold to the public & private sector on demand basis at subsidized rates



·         Characterization of indigenous Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through FAO recommended Global Plan of Action (GPA)

·         Development of beef breed through cross breeding of Dhani cattle with exotic breed

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