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Veterinary Research Institute, Peshawar


Veterinary Research Institute was established in 1949 to undertake essential research on livestock and poultry diseases, its diagnosis and production of Veterinary Biologics and diagnostic agents. FOUR Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (VR&DL) at D.I. Khan, Swat, Mansehra and Kohat were established during 1988-91 to extend research and diagnostic facilities to the remote areas. At 2014 FMDRC VRI Peshawar was established to control the crucial Foot & Mouth Disease of the animals.

Branches/Sections/Centers and their Activities

Veterinary Research Institute (VRI), Peshawar comprising of THREE local Centers working in the premises of VRI Peshawar and FIVE Regional Centers working at different districts of the province, detail of which are the following;

Local Centers at VRI Peshawar

1.      Center of Microbiology & Biotechnology (CMB)

2.      Center of Biological Production (CBP)

3.      Center of Parasitology & Poultry (CPP)


Regional Centers of VRI


1.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), Abbottabad

2.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), Swat

3.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), Kohat

4.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), D.I. Khan

5.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), Tank

6.      Veterinary Research & Disease Investigation Center (VR&DIC), Lakki Marwat

7.      Foot & Mouth Disease Vaccine Center Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar.


Center of Microbiology & Biotechnology (CMB)

?  The Center mainly deals with the diagnosis and problem oriented research on infectious and contagious diseases of livestock and poultry.

?  Provides diagnostic facilities for major zoonotic diseases (brucellosis and tuberculosis). In addition, appropriate biotechnology tools are used for investigation of animal health and reproduction problems.



·               Samples processing for disease diagnosis and research.                    

·               Performing Sensitivity test.                              

·               Testing of milk Samples for Mastitis.                           

·               Tests for animals Tuberculosis.                        

·               Examining animals through ultrasonography.             

·               Publishing articles in Urdu for farmer’s awareness.                            

·               Delivering lectures.                                          

·               Delivering Radio Talk.                                      

·               Diagnosis of brucellosis both in animals and human beings.  

·               Postmortem of animals.

·               Giving advisory services to Farmers.

·               Internship to DVM students.

·               Publishing Research Papers.

·               Organizing Seminars/Trainings.

·               Supervises the Developmental Projects.

·               Foot and Mouth disease vaccine developing and Evaluation.

·               Optimization of modern Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) facilities for diagnosis of Brucellosis and Tuberculosis


Center of Biological Production (CBP)

The Center is involved in production of FOUR bacterial and TWO viral vaccines against deadly infectious diseases.


1.            Hemorrhagic Septicemia Vaccine

2.            Black Quarter Vaccine

3.            Enterotoxaemia cum  lamb dysentery

4.            Anthrax Spore Vaccine

5.            Newcastle Disease Vaccine

6.            Foot & Mouth Disease Vaccine


Center of Parasitology & Poultry (CPP)

The Centre Mainly Deals With the:-

1.      Studies of Parasites, their hosts and their relation.

2.      Diagnosis of parasitic diseases in livestock

3.      Diagnosis of Parasitic infestation in poultry

4.      Investigation of the prevailing and newly emerging diseases of poultry.



§   Examining Fecal samples.

§   Examining Blood smears.

§   Egg Production through by Poultry Breeding

§   Poultry Postmortem activities for disease diagnosis

§   Arranging Farmers trainings.

§   Conducting Veterinarian trainings.

§   Attending Outbreaks as per reports

§   Supervision and guidance of MSc (Hons) / M.Phil studies.

§   Conducting Veterinary Assistant trainings.

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